What would I do next were I in charge of the WWE?

The fever pitch that is Wrestlemania season is now over, and with the April 8th episode of Raw, WWE firmly kicked off a new season in some fairly big ways. Since I guess I’m now a full time fan again (watching most episodes of Raw and every pay per view), I’d like to throw out some ideas as to where the company should take its storylines over the next few months. This isn’t a prediction post, much of this will be fantasy booking. I also don’t claim any of these to be excellent ideas, I’m just spitballing to see what I can come up with. I’m sure the shows are written by large teams, all of whom know better than I do what will work and what won’t. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, I enjoy discussing these things.

These thoughts are in order as best as I can put them. Some of the divisions and storylines interact, but I’ve done what I can with it.

The WWE Championship

Starting at the top. I was initially unhappy about them taking the belt from CM Punk to give it to the Rock, but I can appreciate it as a marketing decision. I also understand John Cena being the one to take it from the Rock, since he’s still the biggest name in the company.

After the events of April 8th, it’s evident that Cena will be feuding with Ryback going into Extreme Rules, possibly with Mark Henry involved somehow. I would play this out by having Cena and Ryback fight at Extreme Rules in a no disqualifications match, having Ryback beat down Cena until Henry gets involved to screw Ryback out of the title. Ryback and Henry then feud going into Payback, where they have a match to determine who the number one contender going into the Money in the Bank PPV is.

Either Ryback or Henry wins, but Cena successfully defends at Money in the Bank regardless. I don’t know that he needs quite the long run CM Punk had, but he should get a fairly long run, if only to compensate for the Rock’s rather pitiful reign from Royal Rumble through to Wrestlemania.

The World Heavyweight Championship

I like Ziggler as World Champion, that should stay. I’m not certain how MitB cash ins work, but presumably Alberto Del Rio will get his rematch at Extreme Rules. Not sure of the match stipulation. Maybe a submissions only match to capitalise on Del Rio’s cross armbreaker, but I’m not sure if Ziggler has any submission holds in his repertoire. Either way, Ziggler goes over Del Rio.

I’m also a fan of keeping the Ziggler/Langton/AJ stable intact, perhaps making them an upper-midcard power stable. By this, I mean give Langston the Intercontinental Championship. It’s alright on Wade Barrett, but it’s a fairly meaningless title right now. Associating it with the World title should help bring some prestige back to it.

Meanwhile, AJ should target Kaitlyn’s title. The women’s division has been sorely lacking of late, with the title last being defended I don’t know when. These two work well together, and there was a slight feud building between them on the lead up to Wrestlemania so it should be easy enough to build a program around them. No matter what she tries however, AJ is unsuccessful at taking the title.

The Tag Team Championship

As much as I’ve enjoyed the exploits of Kane and Daniel Bryan, I feel their time is coming to an end. They have no doubt revitalised the tag division, but they’re too valuable as singles competitors to stay this way. They should drop the titles to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of the Shield at Extreme Rules. The Shield are now free to dominate the tag division, splitting Team Hell No, and going over other teams like the Prime Time Players, Tons of Funk, Rhodes Scholars, etc. This is a bit of a step down from their recent matches against the Super Best Friends Leagues, but it should continue to assure the tag division stays on top.

Bryan, meanwhile, splitting from Kane, starts a feud with Dolph Ziggler. These two have proven in the past they can put on good matches, and Bryan’s over enough as a babyface to believably challenge Ziggler for an upper card belt. Ziggler goes over Bryan clean as he turns from a heel into more of a tweener.

At Money in the Bank, Dean Ambrose is entered in the WHC ladder match. He wins, with assistance from the other members of the Shield, who interfere whenever it looks like anyone else is going to climb the ladder (assuming these matches are no DQ). After Ziggler’s defeat of Bryan (which will probably be SummerSlam) the Shield come out. Ambrose and Rollins effectively beat him until he’s near unconscious while Reigns stops Langston from getting in the ring. Ambrose cashes in his briefcase, successfully stealing the WHC and breaking Ziggler’s super team, allowing the Shield to further run rampant over the mid and upper card members of the roster.

The Divas Championship

As mentioned previously, the women’s division is in sore need of some TLC ( tender loving care, not tables, ladders and chairs). The AJ/Kaitlyn program would be used to revitalise it, and then Kaitlyn would defend her title at every PPV against different members of the diva roster, including women like Tamina Snuka. Kaitlyn will have a dominant run, doing for the women’s division what Team Hell No did for the tag division.

Eventually, she drops the belt to Nikki or Brie Bella. No, that’s not a joke, and it can be realistically pulled off. The Bellas are twins, and still mostly identical. The WWE would be idiots if they didn’t capitalise on that. The match would be high on the card, one of those 20-30 minute affairs we often see. As the match opens, it’s evident that Nikki’s no match for Kaitlyn, she’s quickly beaten down. Brie’s at ringside cheering her on, but it’s not looking good. Then the referee is distracted. Brie and Nikki switch. Kaitlyn protests, but the referee sees nothing wrong, so the match continues. Kaitlyn lays into Brie, but she’s a little more tired than before, while Brie’s fresh. Still she manages to come out on top, until the twins do their magic switch yet again. This continues until Kaitlyn’s too worn out to put up an effective defence, and drops the belt.

This then explodes into a rivalry between the Bella twins over which one deserves the title more, turning their twin magic into a vicious rivalry.

CM Punk

What to do with Punk? He’s suffered some pretty devastating losses as of late; twice to the Rock, once each to Cena and Undertaker. This is the perfect cover for him taking some time off. He’s had a knee injury for the better part of six months that he’s still not recuperated from. The guy needs a break. Granted, he’s the company’s top heel, but if he exits in the right way, he’ll get heat for it, and there are enough workers on the roster to cover for him while he heals up over the next few months.

When he comes back, he’s all fury. My initial idea was for him to face Cena at SummerSlam, but the Punk/Cena rivalry has the makings of Rock/Austin, so I’d rather not play that card until Cena’s ready to drop the belt (possibly by Punk winning next year’s Royal Rumble).

With Punk gone, Heyman’s free to work a program with Lesnar doing… something. I admit, I don’t have that figured out. He can’t put Cena over again, so a title shot is out of the question. Honestly, I’m not sure. But he needs enough so Heyman is seen on TV with him. When Punk returns, he can accuse Heyman of having lost faith in him, and work up a nice rivalry with Lesnar. Punk and Heyman together are great, pitting them against each other should produce gold on the mic. Plus, I get to hear Heyman shout Brock Lesnar’s name in that ridiculous way he always does.

Everyone Else

There are plenty of people I’ve missed out of here, mostly because I don’t really know what to do with them. Jack Swagger, for example. His current gimmick is perfect for going up against Alberto Del Rio, but where next? A plausible direction is going after the US Title, to “bring back its American glory” or whatever, but that’s a massive step down the card. In an ideal world, WWE would re-sign Kurt Angle to feud with Swagger about him giving the US a bad name or something, but that’s purely fantasy booking.

On the other hand, we have the Super Best Friends League. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and the Big Show will presumably feud amongst themselves for the better part of three months, but from there, I’m pretty unsure. I’m convinced that with a heel turn, Orton could prove a solid distraction for Cena for a month or two, and Sheamus is a shoe in for the WWE Championship MitB briefcase winner, but Big Show’s a bit harder. Maybe a program with the newly single Kane?

I’ve also realised I have neglected the Miz. It’s a shame, because I like the Miz. Maybe a short run with Ziggler, although that would perhaps be more suited to Jack Swagger, given the history there. Maybe someone else has some ideas for him.

Oh, and finally there’s Khali, Hornswoggle, 3MB… But really, who gives a shit?

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