One Hundred Thousand!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Look at it! How crazy is that?! Aaaaand, the 100,000th word is… ‘their’.

Ahem. Not very interesting but, well, as you can see I’ve hit a pretty huge milestone. This thing has doubled in size since the end of NaNoWriMo, and it’s currently 10,000 words over my high end target. Of course, this doesn’t count the 22,000 some words I’ll be cutting during the second draft, but still.

It’s pretty hard to explain how I feel right about now. Just extremely happy, and really proud of this scrappy little thing I started nearly six months ago. I run the company, and fuck like a Kennedy, if you’ll excuse the reference.

Here’s to word 100,001 (which, for the curious, is ‘stumbling’).

(Just a zoomed in image, since it comes out small on the main image due to the blog layout.)


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