Fifty Books, 365 Days. Book Twenty Four – My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets by Girl on the Net

Date started: June 7th

Date finished: June 8th

I’m not sure where to start with this one. It occurred to me that I’m coming up on the halfway mark of this challenge, and though it’s going well, I haven’t really been reading outside of my comfort zone. I’ve stuck mostly to what pretentious literary critics will sigh at and cast off as genre fiction. So, with this in mind, I trawled Amazon’s Kindle section for a bit and found GotN’s erotic memoir.

I’ve read Girl on the Net’s blog before, of course. It’s funny, sexy, chock full of good, honest advice, and there’s honestly something to be said for having a cheeky read of a blog like that in a room full of polite company.

You can imagine my delight when I discovered My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets is just as good, and devoured it over the course of an evening and a morning.

It’s delightfully filthy, throwing around the sort of language that would put my mother off reading with a casual glee. Stories of so-called normal sex, debauched sex, and even borderline rape in one disturbing case are all thrown in here, and there’s absolutely no holding back. What really elevates it for me is that it comes with its fair share of pathos too. GotN is not perfect by any stretch. She fucks up just as often as she gets things right, and it’s all recounted here, with seemingly nothing left out.

This review is going to run a bit shorter than others, mostly because you’ve already made up your mind whether this book is for you, or not. I like it. I like it because despite being supposedly the most liberal generation so far, we still treat sex as something to be ashamed of. We’ll casually use terms like ‘torture’, but you’re treated like a pariah for saying ‘fuck’.

Boys on the playground will mock each other for having a wank (what with ‘wanker’ still being a popular insult) even though they all do it, and woe betide anyone who brings up the spectre of ‘female masturbation’.

We’ll sort of tut and look away when we see a couple arguing or fighting in public, but if they’re making out or even cooing a little, we’ll shout and laugh and tell them to get a room.

It’s all a bit fucking backwards. My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets brings all these issues to light by simply being honest about enjoying sex, and being willing to discuss it. Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s never nasty. There’s nothing mean spirited said about any of the people involved in the various stories. It’s nothing more and nothing less than an open and mature book about something we all do, but that we’re all too willing to be ashamed of enjoying.

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