On Finishing

I don’t know what to say here, since I started this thing like seven months ago and never even thought I’d get this far. Like I’ve already talked about, I flunked out of the NaNoWriMo before last, and before that I never got further than writing maybe ten pages of one of the many novel projects I started over the years.

But now I’m here with a USB stick with a complete first draft on it. And I’ll be the first to admit it’s a first draft in every sense of the word. There’s a whole chunk in the middle that needs to be ripped out, there’s a bit where I’ve had a better idea and need to rewrite 20-30,000 words. Hell, there’s a character who disappears three chapters from the end because she was ultimately not contributing to the story at all. Deleting her will be a pain.

I start in July. I’ll be taking some time away for a couple of weeks, playing some games, reading some books, taking a trip to Amsterdam. I’ll come back fresh and ready to tear this thing apart and make it stronger than before. I have the technology, I can rebuild it.

Contrary to the title, I don’t feel finished at all. I feel like I hit a significant milestone though.


Quest Log

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