NaNoWriMo Origins

Haha, and you thought the terrible stock subtitles were going to stop with the October posts! I’m afraid not, though I am running out fast, so if someone wants to do me a solid, hop on my contact form and send me a list of your favourites. That’d be peachy, thanks.

Well then, here we are, a week in already. What do I have to show? Anyone who was around for these last year will remember that one of my favourite things (aside from writing of course) is playing with numbers and cell formulae in Excel. I dug out my old blank spreadsheet from last year, and the results are in!

As you can see, it’s all been happening in fits and starts. The first day started out strong. I led up to midnight with a Halloween viewing of Nightmare on Elm Street (the original, not the crappy remake) but once that clock ticked over, it was down to business, and I hammered out those 2000 words in just under two hours. Day two was similarly productive, managing to get over the target for a fairly reasonable 112%.

So, what of day three? As you can see, I got zero words done, which dropped me down to only 75% of what I needed to stay ahead. Well, the thing is, I was setting up for day four. This year for me, it’s not really about the 50,000. Sure, I’ll be glad if I do it, but I already did it last year. I don’t need to prove myself again. What I did want to do was hit a 10k. I spent most of the 3rd going over my outline again, solidifying it in places, ready for the challenge.

I don’t really know what happened with the 10k. I know it took me around six hours, and I was on fire that day. I also know that my back and shoulders hurt for two days afterwards. But do I regret it? No. Will I try for another next week? Maybe.

I haven’t written much since. Not because I’m burned out, but because I gave myself a comfortable buffer zone with which to work in. The plan for this week now is to get a bit done later this evening, to get second week off to a solid start. Break tomorrow for the second meetup of NaNoWales, then hopefully another 10k around Monday or Tuesday.


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