On Not Writing

So, I haven’t really been writing. There’s no good reason for it, just that several life things got in the way for a bit, and I haven’t been able to pick up again since. It happens from time to time, nothing to be alarmed about. What it does mean however, is blog posting has ground to a halt. And I’m sorry about that, I really am.

I’m working, right now, on a plan of action going forward. I’ve got a second draft of a novel ready to get started, a vague outline for a new novel with no title, and a title for a novel with no outline. Unfortunately, those last two don’t fit together.

In terms of the blog, I’m going to stop doing the monthly wrap up posts. They tend to be overlong and not very interesting to read. Instead, I’ll be starting up two new post series. I’ve already introduced the first, which I’ll be potentially calling Surviving Horror. The first one will be on Silent Hill 2, and should be going up in the first week of March. I know that’s a long turnaround time, but SH2 is my favourite game ever. I’ve been building to writing this essay on it for many years, and if I’m publishing it here, I only get the one chance to get it right. Future posts will hopefully be timelier, with the second in the series following by the end of March. It will be about Outlast, which I am currently playing through on PS4.

The second series will be a spiritual successor to 50 Books, 365 Days titled I Want To Talk About… There won’t be any sort of goal in mind for it, and I won’t be limiting it to just books. Sometimes it will be a review, sometimes just a discussion about the specific aspects of something. I have the bare bones of the first one planned out. It’s about my 2012 joint game of the year Dishonored, and should be coming soon, depending on how quickly I can get a draft of the Silent Hill 2 post done.

So, that’s the plan for this blog. Not necessarily as high a quantity as last year, but hopefully a higher quality of posts going forward. As for my fiction writing, I’m less sure. I know there are advocates out there for forcing it out every day, but honestly I was cursor watching and making myself miserable for hours at a time. I’ll come back to it when I’m ready to come back. And until then, hopefully just writing various critical pieces and general updates for the blog will be enough to work back into a pattern of writing every day.


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