Getting Back to Work

It’s true, after nine long months of fruitlessly searching far and wide, I have found myself a new job. And… it’s pretty much doing this. For money. Weird. But I am finally getting back to work.

Officially, my title is copy writer, but a lot of my job so far is blogging professionally. For a wallpaper company. It’s not so bad, certainly better than being stuck on benefits, and it’s a step closer to the professional writing career I so badly want.

So, with me blogging during my work hours, what is to become of A Writer’s Sidequest? In short, nothing. Or nothing bad, at least. I have a small but loyal and growing following here, and the plan is to keep that going into the months ahead with more and better content.

For anyone who hasn’t yet noticed, I’ve compiled the Surviving Horror feature into its own page. As promised there, the Outlast feature will be coming soon. Just as soon as I can work up the nerve to get back to it. The things I’m willing to do for my readers!

Beyond that, I’m hoping to run more features along the lines of the first ‘I want to talk about…’ post. I’m still percolating ideas, but as I’ve mentioned previously it will be a less formal equivalent to Fifty Books, 365 Days.

Hypothetically, I’d like to work on all this in my lunch breaks if I can. I get half an hour every day, and I think this can become a nice way to let off some steam between blog posts about wallpaper and murals. This will also hopefully mean I’m getting content out on a more regular basis, even if the posts end up being shorter than the current average.

And finally, the most exciting news. After some time away, I am ready to start writing again. And I don’t mean blogging about books or video games or interior design trends, I mean creative writing. I can now say that I am working on a new novel. It’s a secondary world fantasy; a genre I’ve always wanted to try out, and it is massive.

For those not aware, a secondary world fantasy novel is a novel set in a world that is not Earth, sort of like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere based novels. Not that I’ve really drawn much inspiration from either of those sources (apart from Sanderson’s laws of magic), they just happen to be good examples.

Instead, this book draws on the things I loved as a child, like pirates and adventure stories mixed in with things I’ve discovered as an adult like Moby Dick and weird Lovecraft inspired fiction. It’s very much a maritime fantasy, with natural philosophers, gentleman scientists, pirates, sea monsters, etc. It’s a big fantasy quest style story, with a lot of weird twists and turns thrown in for good measure. I’m not holding any ideas back, if it’s good and I can find a way to make it fit while still telling a satisfying story, it’s going in there.

Also, it has a working title. I’m currently calling it The Kraken and the Clock Tower.

That’s pretty much everything I have to say on it right now. I’ll update more on it in future, but for now I’m doing the hard part of nailing down all my character and place names, and getting a full outline into place before I really throw myself into writing the thing.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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