Where have I been? (And a Camp NaNo update!)

Destruction of Leviathan

Despite making certain promises about at least three posts a week, I’ve found myself falling behind again this week, mostly due to several other things taking precedence and life itself in general getting in the way a bit. So, I thought I’d offer a quick update on things.

As some of you will already know, I found a job recently. Officially my title is ‘copy writer’ but a fairly large part of it is blogging professionally. I’ll not be posting the link here because I’d like to keep the two separate for now. But, when I’m in work, as well as focusing on content, I also have to worry about SEO (making sure content is optimised for search engines) and backlinks from other websites and blogs.

And, to be honest, that’s not what A Writer’s Sidequest has ever been about. I’ve never worried about what content will get me the most views, or ranking high in Google’s mysterious algorithms. Here, it’s all about what I want to write, and if people actually want to click on it, that’s a bonus.

So, as you can imagine, when I come home from work in the evenings with my head chock full of SEO strategies and ways to convince people to link back to my content and what anchor text to put on what links for optimal click throughs, it doesn’t make me want to sit down and look at the WordPress interface. From now on, the plan is to knock out a couple of posts each weekend and publish them throughout the week. And if that doesn’t work, re-assess and find something that does.Press up to Raus!

As for Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m admittedly not as far as I was hoping. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that partly it’s because I spent quite a lot of outlining time playing Infamous: Second Son and Luftrausers. Though I have managed to make some progress on the story, outside of game time.

As I mentioned before, it’s called The Kraken and the Clock Tower and is an urban maritime fantasy. My aim is to get a full first draft of my outline done by the end of April. So far, I have my finalised list of characters, a nebulous idea of what my main tentpole plot points are, and semi-finalised headings for my ‘acts’.

Since I’m in a sharing mood, I’m going to share those in my next blog post, and go a little into my process in terms of coming up with titles. If all goes to plan, that post will be written after work tomorrow, and posted some time over the weekend. So, until next time!

The banner illustration is Destruction of Leviathan by Gustave Dore. It’s from 1865, so I don’t think he’ll mind me using it too terribly.

The Luftrausers screenshot is taken from the Giant Bomb database. Luftrausers is a game by Vlambeer and is fucking awesome. I highly recommend it.


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