The Kraken and the Clock Tower: Week Two

I have recently started writing a novel that is tentatively titled The Kraken and the Clock Tower. These posts will document that process, including a weekly word count check in, along with various thoughts and feelings along the way.


Okay, so week two. Based on previous NaNoWriMo attempts, this is where fatigue starts to set in a little bit. To be fair, this is a bit different because I’m not hitting the ground sprinting at 2000 words a day. Sticking closely to 500 words a day is managing to keep the excitement up for now. I end up ending the day wanting to write more rather than feeling like I’m struggling to hit a target.

It is however, admittedly frustrating. Just as I’m getting into the swing of things, I find myself stopping as I’ve hit my upper limit. These early chapters will need a lot of reworking, in order to fix the flow of the thing. I think I’ll be pushing up to 1000 words a day soon, possibly within the next couple of weeks.

Eagle eyed readers will note that after a 3000 word week last week, I only did 2000 this week. The simple truth is, I spent the weekend away, and left early on the Friday. I didn’t want to rush 500 words on the Friday morning, so I did more last week to make up for the shortfall. I’m still on track for my 2500 word weeks.

Beyond that, there’s not a whole lot to say. I’m still working on the second chapter, concerning the assassin. It’s working out a lot longer than I had planned, so I imagine when the time comes to edit, I’ll either be cutting out some of the unnecessary stuff, or splitting up the chapter somewhere. Maybe both, who knows?


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