The Kraken and the Clock Tower: Week Four

I have recently started writing a novel that is tentatively titled The Kraken and the Clock Tower. These posts will document that process, including a weekly word count check in, along with various thoughts and feelings along the way.


Sometimes, we can say things with the best intentions of following through, and then manage not to for some reason or another. Case in point, last week I said “The next post should go up over the weekend, but I’m planning on something a bit sooner than that, which is sort of tangentially related.” It’s now Wednesday (again) and I’m only just getting around to this post (again).

The simple truth of the matter is, my laptop charger died last Thursday evening. It didn’t affect my working week, since I went ahead and finished my last 500 words early on Thursday with the intention of taking a three day weekend. But it did mean that I only had around two hours of laptop time to ration out until the new charger arrived Monday morning.

Annoying, but these things do happen. I made the best of the weekend with plenty of time spent playing video games (finishing up the sadly mediocre Watch Dogs) and watching plenty of films. But with a replacement power unit, I am back to business as usual. Later than advertised blog posts and all.


Quest Log

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