New Job, NaNo Prep, etc.

It has once again been a while since I have updated… So here’s an update!

The biggest piece of news is that I have a job again. It’s working in a cinema, and so far I have done several shifts as an usher on the floor. And I’m enjoying it. I made the decision to apply for roles outside of the general admin area I’ve worked in up until now because I wasn’t particularly happy spending all day in front of a screen at work, then coming home and doing the exact same thing. Once I get properly settled in, I hope to resume blogging on a more regular basis than I have been, and getting back to my writing.

Which brings us to the next topic. Yes, I will once again be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have decided I will take it as an opportunity to try one more time to get The Kraken and the Clock Tower off the starting blocks. My hope is that with my newer slimmed down outline, and a clear word count goal and time frame, I can get further with it than I have been. If this fails, I imagine I will take a step back from it and probably move forward with a new idea altogether after Christmas.

Finally, a note on Surviving Horror and the Halloween season in general. As some have noticed, I have updated the main Surviving Horror page to indicate I have posts coming to cover Alien Isolation and The Evil Within. As of right now, I am focusing all my attention on Isolation and hoping to finish my playthrough some time this week, and get the post up next week. Then I will move forward with playing The Evil Within.

I did want to do a big feature for Halloween, where I was going to go the predictable route of watching a film a day throughout October, building up to watching a double bill of Alien and Aliens on Halloween night. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I ended up getting all tangled up in this new job business so the plan fell through. Maybe I’ll do something with it next year. I’d like to do something along the lines of the fifty books feature I attempted last year, but with films. Perhaps 100 films, pairing 50 favourites with 50 I’ve not seen yet but have always meant to? That sounds like it could be fun to do over a year or so.

I suppose there’s not much else to say for now, other than I hope to be back soon with… something.


1 thought on “New Job, NaNo Prep, etc.

  1. I am going to be quite interested in seeing your opinions on both Isolation and Evil Within. Both of which I think there’s a lot to talk about. Also, is it freaking November again already? (in just over a week), dammit.

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