Introducing Rewatch Club, and other housekeeping

I’m going to skip the bit here where I write a long paragraph about how it’s been ages since I’ve blogged and just get to the meat of the thing. Okay? Okay.

I haven’t been writing enough lately, including on here, but rather than going on about the problem, I’ve devised a solution. Since I now spend many of my waking hours working in a cinema alongside other film fans, I have film on the mind a lot lately. Rather than letting this opportunity go to waste, I’ll be taking it and starting an informal new feature I’m tentatively calling Rewatch Club.

It won’t be as rigid as 50 Books, 365 Days was two years ago, and it’ll function similarly to my Pirates of the Caribbean rewatch from last year. The plan is to cover a whole series of films, with a post on each one, and a summary post at the end, perhaps ranking them in order of my preference. Not entirely sure yet, I don’t have all the details ironed out. But it should be fun!

The initial idea was to open with a rewatch of the Fast & Furious franchise, starting with The Fast and the Furious, and leading up to the launch of Furious 7 on April 3rd. But since we’re a mere two weeks away, I’m pushing that particular rewatch back, to put it in line with the Furious 7 blu-ray release instead.

Instead, I will now be watching the ten theatrical features of David Lynch. In order, these are Eraserhead (1977), The Elephant Man (1980), Dune (1984), Blue Velvet (1986), Wild at Heart (1990), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), Lost Highway (1997), The Straight Story (1999), Mulholland Drive (2001), and Inland Empire (2006). Expect to see the first post sooner rather than later, since I’m very excited to get started!


And of course, the other housekeeping. I’m officially shelving the novel I have spent the last year or more struggling to get off the ground. The truth is that for reasons I am yet to fully work out, The Kraken and the Clock Tower just hasn’t come together like I wanted it to. Rather than continually smashing my head against it and getting nowhere, I am putting it away, at least for the time being.

I have embarked on a new venture, something I am calling either The Road Pirates or Rebel Country (both working titles). It’s a little less serious, a piece of post-apocalyptic pulp about truckers in a race against bounty hunters, a Lovecraftian cult, and the Devil himself. Honestly, I likely won’t be talking too much on here about it. Partly because I don’t want to spoil the process by talking about it too much, but mostly because “Look, I wrote another thousand words!” posts are boring to write and even more boring to read. But I will be working on it in some capacity or another, and I will post some form of update when I deem it necessary.


Quest Log

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