Star Wars is coming

I can’t sleep. In less than six hours, I have to be up for work. In just over thirteen hours, my shift finishes. And in just under twenty hours, I will be watching The Force Awakens. Less than twenty hours until there are not six, but seven Star Wars films. And that’s HUGE! Because without Star Wars, it’s impossible to say where I would be today. Different interests, different job, different friends…

I’m a mix of nervous and excited and overjoyed and sad and… I don’t even know. I’ve had moments where I’ve caught myself trembling, for fuck’s sake. Because there are very few things that mean more to me than this, more to me than Star Wars. Because seeing that original trilogy eighteen years ago (holy shit!) was basically the genesis of everything I’ve done and the basis for my identity ever since.

And if Disney keep their promise and do their thing, they’ll be releasing a new Star Wars every year for the foreseeable future. Perhaps for as long as I’m alive, or longer. Which means this will possibly become rote, perhaps even dull. This is perhaps the last time I will ever feel this excited about a new Star Wars film…

And I wish I could hold onto this feeling forever…

But I can’t…


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