Writing Check In: April 2016

I’ll be doing this once a month around the start of a new month as a quick check in on my progress with my first novel draft as a means of keeping me on track to deliver a decent word count.

Cinéma Vérité currently stands at 123,536 words, which means in April I wrote 3,487 words. In a month. Thirty days. Which is an average of 116 words a day…

Which is shit.

Let’s not beat around the bush or anything here, as word count goes, that is fucking dire. Google Docs informs me that I haven’t made an edit on it since April 18th. And there are a number of factors as to why April has been such a slow month.

First of all, the day job. I let it get ahead of me a bit as I was ramping up to apply for a promotion (which I unfortunately didn’t get, but that’s beside the point). The truth is, writing does feel like a second job. Which it is, only it’s one that doesn’t pay – yet. And so after working a shift at the cinema, followed by coming home only to spend more time thinking about working at the cinema, and reading up on various facets of the job, and preparing for an interview, and writing an application… The last thing I wanted to do was sit down to my second job. So it slipped away from me a bit… Well, more than a bit. Twelve days in a row without even looking at the novel is letting it slip away a whole lot.

Second, a (sort of) social life. I have tried to be more active in spending time with people, and if we’re honest again, mostly failed at it. I’ve spent more time with my girlfriend, whom I likely neglect too often to write or read or play Dark Souls III (sorry dear!) and I have a friend who is home for a short while from university in London, who happens to be very good for bouncing my madcap story ideas off to gauge a reaction, so I’m making the most of it while he’s here. As a side note: Jake, I know you’re reading this, that essay isn’t going to fucking write itself!

Third, Dark Souls III came out, and it’s very good. And though I’ve also not made time to play a lot recently, I know it took up some time earlier in the month.

So, lesson learned. There is no such thing as finding time to get this thing finished. If I want to get it done, I have to make the time by sacrificing or cutting down on some of the other important things in my life. Goal for May is to write more than 3487 words. Hopefully a lot more.


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