Writing Check In: June 2016

I’ll be doing this once a month around the start of a new month as a quick check in on my progress with my first novel draft as a means of keeping me on track to deliver a decent word count.

Cinéma Vérité currently stands at 137,647 words, which means in June I wrote 8,554 words. That averages to around 285 words a day and it’s 3,000 more than I managed to write in May. Much of this writing was done on trains, since I spent a lot less time commuting by car in June, and had around 45 minutes each way on the train to get some writing or reading done. It’s a total I feel pretty good about really.

In more general news, this post is a few days late because I’ve been slowly moving to a new house. I’m now sharing with friends in the city where I work, and though my writing space isn’t quite set up yet the way I want it to eventually look, I do have a rather nifty desk. Some of my progress problems in the past can, I feel, be attributed to attempting to write in bed. Hopefully now that I have a dedicated space set up, I can start hitting around 10,000 a month or more until this thing is done.

What I can show is the one corner of my room that is basically already set up, so I think I’ll sign off this post with a lovely image of that, and hope I have a more presentable writing space to show off next time.



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