The Great Fantasy Binge

Over the last couple of months, I took a break from reading fantasy. Partly because I was attempting to write a fantasy story of my own and was worried about stealing ideas through osmosis, and partly because I felt I was reading too much within the boundaries of one genre. However, I recently went on holiday to Florida, taking several fantasy novels with me, and I got through five over the two weeks, in what I can only describe as a great fantasy binge.

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I want to talk about Alien: Out of the Shadows

Hello! This is the first post in what will hopefully be an ongoing series called “I want to talk about…” It’s effectively a replacement for last year’s 50 Books, 365 Days only with less restrictions on content, quantity, and time frame. I hope you enjoy it, and I would welcome any suggestions for what you would like to see me talk about in future posts.

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I’m not going to finish Fifty Books in 365 Days

Yeah, I’ve pretty much known this was going to happen for a while now, but I spent this long trying to figure out how to say it. I’m not going to finish fifty books this year.

At the start, the project was designed to get me reading more. I love reading, have done since I was a child, but as more and more distractions like TV shows and video games have crept into my free time, I realised I was spending less time actually reading books. Whereas before I’d have read an hour or two before bed every night, I was doing it maybe once or twice a week. I needed something to galvanise myself into switching off the consoles and getting down to mowing through some of my ever increasing stack of books. Fifty in a year was just under one a week and seemed like an achievable goal. So, why did I stop?

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