So I Kinda Sorta Maybe Wrote A Novel (Again)

I guess I’ve been away from this thing for a little while. Apart from a quick excited post the night before Star Wars opened and a grand(ish) return to blogging for a top ten films of 2015 list I haven’t really been around since last April. So, the absence and the reasons behind it…

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The Great Fantasy Binge

Over the last couple of months, I took a break from reading fantasy. Partly because I was attempting to write a fantasy story of my own and was worried about stealing ideas through osmosis, and partly because I felt I was reading too much within the boundaries of one genre. However, I recently went on holiday to Florida, taking several fantasy novels with me, and I got through five over the two weeks, in what I can only describe as a great fantasy binge.

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2014: January Wrap Up

As people already know, I love doing the top ten end of year lists for things like films and games (probably extending to books this year too). The problem is that by the time December comes around, I’ve forgotten the first half of the year amidst the Christmas rush. The lists tend to skew towards things released at the end of the year. This started out as notes for myself to keep track of what I’ve read, watched, and played, but with a bit of sprucing up I saw no reason to not post them here. That said, they may still be a bit rough around the edges in places, with some of them based more in emotional responses than any sort of reviewing metric. Still, I think it’s interesting enough to warrant a monthly post.

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