Ugh, go ahead and read this thing I wrote at 14, I guess

So, here’s something fun. I was browsing old threads I posted on various forums and came across one called “Concrete Dreams – My Novel” posted around the time I would have been 14, and the single chapter contained within certainly reads like it. I have made no edits to the piece, it is presented exactly as it was written nine years ago. Try to enjoy.

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On taking a step back in order to move forwards

Do you know what words terrify me most? Either ‘Prologue’ or ‘Chapter One’. True story. They just sit there for a while, all nice and bold in whatever header font I’ve selected, with the cursor blinking after, and a sea of white below.

They terrify me because after that, I need a first sentence. And it has to be good, doesn’t it? How many of you have read a book and just groaned at an awful first sentence? I know I have many times. And given that, beyond ‘prologue’ or ‘chapter one’ it’s the first thing the reader says. First impressions are everything.

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