Leaving Ideas on the Table


In my recent getting back to work post I stated that “I’m not holding any ideas back, if it’s good and I can find a way to make it fit while still telling a satisfying story, it’s going in there.” This time around I thought I would expand on what should be a common sense thing.

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“How do you choose which idea to use?”

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this. I did a book review the other day, but aside from that, it’s been radio silence on here. So, where have I been? Honestly, kind of busy. My work in progress hit the 80,000 word mark yesterday, putting the ending just a little more in sight. I’ve also been kicking back and relaxing a lot more in my free time, catching up on some quality time with my Xbox.

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Please Don’t Give Me Your Ideas

A couple of things before I start properly. First of all, I’m going to start making some changes around here. Probably not in terms of content (unless there are any specific complaints or requests), but in terms of improving the user experience. As of yesterday (note: the 14th), I own the domain name to this place (yay me!) which I guess means I’ve planted my flag firmly in this little corner of the internet. I’m looking towards improving the site in various meaningful ways. A proper banner, rather than something I threw together in MS Paint, perhaps a better layout, and maybe more pages aside from the blog. We’ll see. Drop on down to the comments if you have any ideas, I’m open to suggestions for now (despite the title of this post, but I’ll get to that).

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