Star Trek Voyager and the Elevation of Tie-In Fiction


The last time I made one of these posts, it was on Alien: Out of the Shadows, and some of the pitfalls I find tie-in fiction falls into. In the interest of fairness and positivity, I’d now like to examine some good examples of tie-in fiction; Kirsten Beyer’s recent Star Trek Voyager relaunch.

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Getting Back to Work

It’s true, after nine long months of fruitlessly searching far and wide, I have found myself a new job. And… it’s pretty much doing this. For money. Weird. But I am finally getting back to work.

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On returning to Post-Apocalipstick

For those in the audience not aware, Post-Apocalipstick was the novel I wrote for 2012’s National Novel Writing Month. I finished it around this time last year, but then the real trouble started. Despite my best intentions with the outline, the first draft was a mess. Character motivations changed on the fly, other characters were inserted or removed when I decided I did or didn’t need them. It was a continuity nightmare. Though I started editing work on the first three chapters, it ultimately felt more like rewriting than editing as huge swaths had to be deleted and new content written to fill the space. This was all, of course, okay. Post-Apocalipstick was the novel I wrote in order to teach myself how to write a novel. In a way, it was destined to fail.

But even after all this time, I can’t stop thinking about it. No matter what bad happened during the first attempt, I developed an attachment to these characters and this world. And I just can’t quite let it go, no matter how hard I try.

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It started out as Mad Max fan fiction…

Well, not quite. In a way, it all started with a conversation. I don’t have the chat log any more, but I was talking to a friend about Fury Road, the Mad Max reboot. Or is it a sequel? Either way, it’s a new Mad Max film, starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky. Not gonna lie to you folks, I’m really excited. I fucking love me some Mad Max.

But anyway, a friend and I were chatting away about Fury Road and, out of the blue, I said something along the lines of “Hey, can you imagine how much the internet would flip out if they cast a woman as Max?” There was some silence for a few seconds before I got a “What do you mean?”

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“How do you choose which idea to use?”

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this. I did a book review the other day, but aside from that, it’s been radio silence on here. So, where have I been? Honestly, kind of busy. My work in progress hit the 80,000 word mark yesterday, putting the ending just a little more in sight. I’ve also been kicking back and relaxing a lot more in my free time, catching up on some quality time with my Xbox.

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What Does it Mean to be a Writer?

That’s quite a loaded question, isn’t it? It’s also a question I don’t have a definitive answer to, in case you’re someone who came looking for that. I don’t think anyone can answer it for anyone else; the best I can do here is tell you what it means to me and hope you take something from it, whether it’s enjoyment, inspiration, or something more useful.

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On taking a step back in order to move forwards

Do you know what words terrify me most? Either ‘Prologue’ or ‘Chapter One’. True story. They just sit there for a while, all nice and bold in whatever header font I’ve selected, with the cursor blinking after, and a sea of white below.

They terrify me because after that, I need a first sentence. And it has to be good, doesn’t it? How many of you have read a book and just groaned at an awful first sentence? I know I have many times. And given that, beyond ‘prologue’ or ‘chapter one’ it’s the first thing the reader says. First impressions are everything.

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