Movie Madness 2016 Heat Four: The Witch vs. The Conjuring 2

Movie Madness is a feature wherein I pit my top sixteen most anticipated films of the year against each other in a bracketed single elimination tournament because top ten lists can go do one.

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Surviving Horror – P.T: We’re Just Getting Started


Surviving Horror is a periodical series about my favourite video game genre, survival horror. With it, I hope to explore how the genre got its start, how it effectively manages to scare us as players, and how it has evolved in term of mechanics, themes, and storytelling over the years.

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Rewatch of the Caribbean Part Four: On Stranger Tides


The last time I saw any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films was in the cinema. Given that I will be writing about pirates fairly soon (and that HMV had the blu-rays for cheap) I figured it’s about time I returned to give the franchise another watch. I’ll be doing one each Sunday, concluding today with part four, On Stranger Tides.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier – A slightly genderflipped review

Like many people online lately, I am tired of seeing the mainstream press reviewing Marvel films, specifically how the Black Widow character is boiled down to either a discussion of her outfit, or describing her as “ass kicking” or a “femme fatale”. So I thought I’d try the opposite. I have done my best to avoid spoilers, I promise.

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I want to talk about Alien: Out of the Shadows

Hello! This is the first post in what will hopefully be an ongoing series called “I want to talk about…” It’s effectively a replacement for last year’s 50 Books, 365 Days only with less restrictions on content, quantity, and time frame. I hope you enjoy it, and I would welcome any suggestions for what you would like to see me talk about in future posts.

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2014: January Wrap Up

As people already know, I love doing the top ten end of year lists for things like films and games (probably extending to books this year too). The problem is that by the time December comes around, I’ve forgotten the first half of the year amidst the Christmas rush. The lists tend to skew towards things released at the end of the year. This started out as notes for myself to keep track of what I’ve read, watched, and played, but with a bit of sprucing up I saw no reason to not post them here. That said, they may still be a bit rough around the edges in places, with some of them based more in emotional responses than any sort of reviewing metric. Still, I think it’s interesting enough to warrant a monthly post.

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