Fifty Books, 365 Days. Book Forty – Carrie by Stephen King

Date started: October 18th

Date finished: October 18th

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Fifty Books, 365 Days. Book Ten – The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King

The Wind Through the Keyhole is an oddity, existing to fill a gap that never needed to be filled. What will follow is less of a review and more of a discussion of aspects of the book that, I’m sad to say, will delve into spoiler territory for the Wind Through the Keyhole, and perhaps the other books of the Dark Tower series as well. Everything before the cover art will be spoiler free but, fair warning, anything after can contain spoilers. One more thing, there’s an easter egg hidden throughout (not in, throughout) this review for fans of the series. Tweet me or drop a comment if you think you’ve found it.

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NaNoWriMo Update #1

“Chris,” I hear you say, “You’re already writing 50,000 words this month! And now you’re writing extra for blog posts too, are you mad?” Well, yes I am. But this is also a good thing. This will allow me to step back and analyse my own performance, as well as letting me step away and write something other than my novel. So, on with the show.

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