So I Kinda Sorta Maybe Wrote A Novel (Again)

I guess I’ve been away from this thing for a little while. Apart from a quick excited post the night before Star Wars opened and a grand(ish) return to blogging for a top ten films of 2015 list I haven’t really been around since last April. So, the absence and the reasons behind it…

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Ugh, go ahead and read this thing I wrote at 14, I guess

So, here’s something fun. I was browsing old threads I posted on various forums and came across one called “Concrete Dreams – My Novel” posted around the time I would have been 14, and the single chapter contained within certainly reads like it. I have made no edits to the piece, it is presented exactly as it was written nine years ago. Try to enjoy.

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The Kraken and the Clock Tower: Week One

This post is a little late, since I’m already two days into week two, but here goes anyway. I have recently started writing a novel that is tentatively titled The Kraken and the Clock Tower. These posts will document that process, including a weekly word count check in, along with various thoughts and feelings along the way.

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